MXA070 Digital Colock / Stopwatch 6 Digit LED Seven Segment Display 12VDC

Sales price: $38.00
Manufacturer: Maxtronic
  • Power supply : 12VDC./max. 115mA.
  • With built-in circuit driver for connecting to big display not more than 9".
  • There is back-up battery with 0.5uA. when the electricity is cut off.
  • The operation mode is divided into 2 major modes, current time mode and timer mode. The maximum timer is 23:59:59 hours.
  • With 2 open collector output for maximum loading not more than 50mA. for each channel.
  • With memory back-up battery connector for keeping timing without display while the electricity is out by using 3 volts battery or 2 AA battery.
  • PCB dimension : 3.90x4.70 inches.
  • Comes with the schematic / diagram

This item is only the board , there are no battery holder / AC adpter in the package.

Download User Manual