How to buy

No need to be the member, both member, and non-member can buy our products, but if you register to be the member, your address will be recorded in our system, easy to purchase again next time.

Let me explain a little bit for the meaning of word about assembled kit / unassembled kit

Unassembled kit is an electronic kit which buyers need to put all components on PCB board and do soldering.

Assembled kit is completed electronic kit which all components were placed on PCB board, already tested that it passed function checking.

* Note: Cost of the product was already included in the shipping fee, no additional charge. Except the customer wants to send the package with the tracking number. 3.5 USD will be added to the shipping fee.

Please follow below instruction.



      Remark: Currently Registered Airmail cost $3.5 in 2019

How to pay via Paypal-Credit card

How to pay via credit card

Remark: Paypal email in this example is only an example proposal.

In case, you don't understand how to buy and need some help or want to order directly via email, feel free to contact us   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.