MXA026 STOP-WATCH/DIGITAL CLOCK ( 6 DIGIT 60 mm.) 5mm Untra-Bright LED

Sales price: $77.60
Manufacturer: Maxtronic

•  Power supply : 12 VDC/ max. 200mA.
•  In case at out of electric. Current consumption in the order of 11 mA. from battery back-up.
•  The operation mode is devided into two major modes; clock mode and timer mode.
•  In the clock mode, can indicate to be 1/100 second on the display.
•  In the timer mode, can setting to the timer maximum 99 hours.
•  Memory back-up : 3 x 1.2V. 200-600 mA. rechargeable battery.
•  Display used : ultra-bright LEDs.
•  Charger circuit built-in.
•  Display dimension : 10.32x2.30 inch.
•  PCB dimension : 10.51x2.56 inch.
•  Comes with the schematic

NOTE : This item is only the board as shown in the photo, no AC-DC adapter , battery holder, Recharge batter included in the package.

Download User Manual