FK959 1 sec -99 Hour UP-DOWN STOPWATCH

FK959 1 sec -99 Hour UP-DOWN STOPWATCH
Sales price: $23.60

Manufacturer: FutureKit

        This stopwatch circuit is suitable for use in the timing of sports events. Can count up or down by selecting the operating mode. In addition, it has a large number of driving circuits which can create numbers from 1 inch to 10 inches.

Technical data

  • Power supply : 12VDC. @ 120mA (max.)
  • Can set the function of operation for count up or count down.
  • Timer can be set from 1 second to 99 hours.
  • Can be connected directly up to 10" big display.
  • Can be selected the showing display 2 types : hour:minute or minute:second.
  • Maximum relay contact loading : 200W at 220VAC.
  • PCB board dimension : 2.75 in x 4.59 in.