FK411 Infrared Remote Control

FK411 Infrared Remote Control
Sales price: $19.46

Manufacturer: FutureKit

50 FEET 1 CH (TX-RX)For applications requiring control over longer distances, the FK411 utilizes two Infrared LEDs in the transmitter (TX) and a specialized module in the Receiver (RX). The modulated beam control link is immune to ambient light fluctuations. The switch action of the RX is alternate ON-OFF. Applications include lighting, heating and appliance control.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : TX, 9VDC @ 70mA max RX, 12VDC @ 65mA max
  • Control Distance : 50ft. (16metres)
  • Maximum Contact Load : 10A @ 125VAC and 5A @ 220VAC.
  • PCB Dimensions : (TX) 2.04" x 1.23" x 0.8" (FB17) (51.8mm x 31.2mm x 20mm)
    (RX) 3.11" x 1.68" x 0.6" (FB16) (79mm x 42.7mm x 15mm)

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