FK716 DSP AM/FM Radio Receiver Kit

FK716 DSP AM/FM Radio Receiver Kit
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Manufacturer: FutureKit

Please read this first. " @The speaker is not included because it is not allowed to ship by airplane "

This circuit is a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) radio circuit that uses
selective adjustment. Stations by changing the pressure Which is different from
choosing a conventional station that uses adjustable capacitors Is a station
selector Which will be a problem when used for a while, this circuit uses only
one controller IC, can operate as AM and FM radio, so the circuit can be easily
built and assembled for newbies as well.
Technical data
- Power supply : 4.5-6VDC.
- Electric current consumption : 200mA. (max.)
- There is a switch to choose to AM or FM stations.
- Use adjustable resistors To adjust the station selection.
- Use the adjustable resistor In reducing the sound acceleration.
- Use the DSP radio receiver IC with an internal receiver and controller.
- It has a power amplifier within 0.6 watts at 6 volts.
- PCB dimension : 2.85 in x 2.21 in

FK716 Diagram


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